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A Wedding Celebrant can allow you the flexibility you want for your wedding ceremony, so that you can have your wedding wherever you choose, reflecting your personal beliefs and lifestyle without restrictions of a more traditional ceremony.

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Amanda Wheal Celebrant

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You've made a great choice considering a celebrant ceremony. I'm sure you're very excited about your wedding plans and understandably so! Congratulations! And I totally understand how important it is to you to choose your suppliers carefully, it’s such a special day!

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The rise of humanist weddings

Neil Dutta at Angelic Diamonds, a UK wedding jewellery specialist, explores why humanist weddings have seen an increase in popularity in recent years. With official guidance looking to change in the not too distant future, giving celebrants more legal power to actually marry couples - removing the need for a pre- or post-blessing registry office date - here at County Wedding Magazine HQ we think this is a trend that will continue to soar.

Posted: 5 November 2021

We chat to Carol Cranfield, a newly qualified Essex celebrant

Carol Cranfield is a newly qualified wedding celebrant, who can lead your bespoke ceremony fulfilling your requirements ensuring a truly personalised service. Carol adds, "I believe love is all around and I'm passionate about telling your precious stories. The thought of a couple in love and wanting to tell all their friends and family, puts a spring in my step and further love in my heart, and definitely wants to make me dance!" I'd love to work with you preparing for your special day. We can talk a bout whether you want sophistication or fun, or a relaxed or interactive ceremony, the world's your oyster and you can let your imaginations flow."

Posted: 12 October 2021

Braintree celebrant advises how they can truly help on the wedding day

Celebrant Carol Cranfield, based in Braintree, Essex has heard the question all too often: what is a celebrant? For all those couple tying the knot in Essex, who are looking to host their wedding somewhere different to the norm then you will certainly need the services of a celebrant. Here's Carol gives you a handy guide, for all you need to know.

Posted: 30 September 2021

Clive of Special Moments Celebrant tells us how he's helped couples during the pandemic

We've been catching up with Essex wedding professionals to find out what it's been like to run their business during the pandemic. Clive of Special Moments Celebrant has been supporting his couples through postponements, cancellations and reorganising. "There have been many tears as the stress of this prolonged uncertainty has taken its toll," Clive says. "My role is to ensure that plans are adapted so that the couple can still look forward to celebrating their love in a way that reflects them."

Posted: 6 May 2021

What is a sequel wedding? We ask Essex's Special Moments Celebrant

At An Essex Wedding magazine, we want to help you plan your dream wedding. That's why we put your wed-min questions straight to our local wedding experts so you can get the best advice. Today, Clive Burgess of Special Moments Celebrant answers your question and gives advice on sequel weddings. "We aren't sure how to plan for our wedding because of the pandemic. My friend suggested a sequel wedding, but what exactly does this mean?" Read on for Clive's answer...

Posted: 1 April 2021

We talk micro-weddings with Shelley Bell Independent Family Celebrant

Here at An Essex Wedding magazine, we want to help you plan your dream wedding day - whatever the restrictions in place. That's why we put your wed-min questions straight to our local wedding experts so you can get the best advice. Today, independent family celebrant Shelley Bell answers your question and gives advice on intimate micro-weddings. "How can a celebrant help make our micro-wedding more special for the few guests that can attend?" Read on for the answer...

Posted: 11 February 2021