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The only way is glam with Billie Faiers

We talk top lash and nail style for the busy bride with reality star and mum-on-the-go Billie Faiers.

The Only Way is Essex alumni and The Mummy Diaries star, Billie Faiers is KISS Products newest brand ambassador. Famous for her glamorous and sophisticated make-up looks, she knows more than a little about creating and maintaining a signature look. With her own wedding to fiancé Greg Shephard on the horizon CWM's beauty editor, Kelly Andrews, caught up with Billie to get her top tips on easy and effortless beauty for the big day and beyond.

The only way is glam with Billie Faiers: Image 1
Why do you feel you and KISS work together so well as ambassador and brand?
This range of press-on manicures is really easy for mums like me. They're so simple to put on, but just amazing quality too – you're good to go! The same applies to the lashes. I've worn lashes for years, so it's just lovely to work the brand. I've never done anything like this before, it's completely different from what I would usually do, but it means so much. I genuinely do wear their lashes and nails!

What are your make-up bag must haves?
It would definitely be a set of lashes, I don't feel complete without them! Today I'm wearing the Little Black Dress lashes from the Faux Mink collection. They feel really light and finish off my look perfectly. Also, I love a lip balm, it's a staple item to have in your make-up bag. And nails, I literally couldn't go out of the house without them! It makes you feel so much better when you're rocking a fab manicure, imPRESS are perfect for that.

Tell us about your daily beauty regime.
I always moisturise my face and wear eye cream. When I do my make-up, I use highlighter, sometimes a cream one, sometimes powdered. If I'm out and about during the day, I tend to just wear sunglasses, a bit of lip-balm and concealer. But for nights out, it's definitely full-blown glamour and I'll always wear statement lashes.


The only way is glam with Billie Faiers: Image 2
In what ways do you express your own personal style?
I create my make-up look to reflect my outfit. If I'm wearing something quite casual I tend to apply more natural make-up, with a relaxed hairstyle. I wear my hair up a lot during the day, but if I'm going out and I've got a nice fitted dress on I tend to have a smoky eye and bigger eyelashes. After all your make-up reflects your mood and vibe.

Who are your beauty inspirations?
I absolutely love Khloe Kardashian. I love her hair, make-up, nails… Her style is really playful and she doesn't stick to one look. I just think she always looks totally flawless.

What's your lash style?
I prefer a cat eyelash where it starts smaller in the middle and gets slightly longer at the ends. I also love a full lash, which is why I'm a huge fan of the Triple-Push-Up Collection – they're fabulously fluffy adding glamour to any look.

What's your favourite nail look?
Definitely a matte nude. At the moment I'm wearing Whatever, from the ready to wear gel collection. It's a little bit more glamorous than what I'd usually wear, so I'm loving something a bit different. Usually I'd go for something like the press-on manicure in So Unexpected as it's easy to wear while managing the kids and goes with everything.


The only way is glam with Billie Faiers: Image 3
You're known for your glamorous make-up looks. What are your top tips for creating your go-to look?
It's all about great skin with a good coverage foundation, enhanced with highlighter. To me, lashes are everything. They complete any look whether it be natural or more glam. Brows are so important, so keep them neat and sleek. I tend to use a wand on my hair for a messy, just out of bed look. And of course, nails are the essential finishing touch.

As a very busy lady and mum to the gorgeous Nelly and Arthur, how do you manage to juggle it all?
For me it's all about having a good balance between work and family life. The kids are my number one priority and I'm just really organised.

If you could impart just one piece of mother-daughter advice to little Nelly as she grows up, what would it be?
I'm really close to my mum and we're always open and honest with each other, so I would simply ask Nelly to be the same with me. There are always going to be certain things she's not going to want to talk about, but I'd still want to encourage her to share things with me as I have with my mum. It goes both ways. I want to be one of those mums where everyone can come to my house. I'd rather them party and be safe in their own home, rather than me not knowing where they are.

There has been much speculation surrounding your wedding to Greg, we're excited to know more! Can you tell us what your own dream day would look like?
I would like something very beachy, shabby-chic and romantic. I don't want loads of guests, but it's important to me to have all my nearest and dearest around me. I'd love my children, in particular, to be a massive part of the day. Essentially, it'll be a massive celebration for everyone involved.

What would be your pick of wedding day lashes and nails?
I would have to go for Noir from the Faux Mink collection with minimal eyeshadow. They're not too heavy but they're a bit longer than Little Black Dress. For nails I've always said I would go for a French manicure look, so I'd probably choose the Salon Acrylic French – Halo Effect or Graceful.

What's next for you?
I'm going to continue working and I've got a lot of exciting projects coming up. There's always so much going on, which is great. I'm taking each day as it comes.

For more information check out www.kisseurope.uk

Main image credit credit: www.loudenim.com