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Pure gold

Lucy and Adam met at a New Year's Eve party of a joint friend, "I was eating a stolen pot of Pringles and Adam asked if the seat next to me was taken and the rest is history!" recalls Lucy. "It definitely wasn't his thick silver chain or his fresh shaven hair that attracted me to him, it was the way he made me laugh constantly and that he was so caring and thoughtful. Adam would say I'm funny, I always have him in stitches (I'd also say I'm very funny!). He also loves my eyes, so maybe that too!"

The big day was set 29th October 2021, with Braxted Park in Witham, Essex providing the ultimate backdrop. Here we find out more about their day...

Tree of life

Lianne and James met in modern fashion online through a dating app. "I originally 'friend zoned' him for seven months," recalls Lianne. "Never meeting in person but chatting over social media in that time. After a conversation with him online one day, I realised we had a lot in common and I couldn't believe I had left it so long to actually meet him!"

Arranging their first date, a meet up in Chelmsford, they hit it off immediately. A walk around a park turned in to shopping and lunch, with conversation still flowing they headed to the cinema and went for dinner – nine whole hours later the date ended and, as they say, the rest is history!

Made you blush

Jordan and Adam met in old-school fashion on a night out at Faces Nightclub, Essex. "I was a regular there and spotted Adam one night and, after a few vodkas, was the one to approach him!" recalls Jordan. "However, nothing developed from this particular night. Fast-forward a few months and we was both in the same venue once again, this time we exchanged numbers and the rest is history."

Luxury holiday destination Barbados set the scene for Adam's proposal..

If music be the food of love... play on

Hannah and Jon Alford met in July 2016 at a dinner not realising all along it was a set up! "We got on really well and had loads in common, particularly as we are both music teachers," shares Hannah. "Our first proper date was on 27th July to the Royal Albert Hall to watch one of the BBC Proms, and every year since we try to go around the same time for our anniversary, although in 2020 that wasn't possible!"

A wedding in wonderland

When Catherine and Haider met while working together on a film shoot, it wasn't long before they were 'bumping' into each other and staying after work to chat. "We even ended up on a rooftop watching fireworks together," Catherine remembers. "I was sure he was going to kiss me – but no such luck!" A few days later, Haider had vanished to take a last-minute contracting job on the other side of London. "After an excruciating couple of weeks, I plucked up the courage to text him," Catherine says. "Our relationship blossomed from there. He later told me that it never crossed his mind that I might like him more than a friend."

All the fun of the fair

Laura and Tony's dads were school friends and ended up running a judo club together in East London. While there were plenty of photos of Laura and Tony together as children, it wasn't until a judo club reunion when they were adults that something started to blossom. "We saw each other a couple of times after that, one of which was Tony's dad's surprise birthday party," Laura says. "I nearly didn't go because my hair wouldn't go right, but after a stern talking to from my dad I got ready and went. Tony and I talked for most of the evening, and three weeks later I had practically moved in with him!"

Floral fantasy

Sasha and Vaughan met while on the same course at Brighton University, but once they left they lost contact. It was when they were both working in London that they bumped into each other again. "A few times on the way to work the tube doors opened and Sasha was on the other side," Vaughan says. "One day, I was at the London Transport Museum with a friend when I saw Sasha acting in a video about buses. My friend encouraged me to get in contact, exclaiming how beautiful she was – and how single I was!"

Tale as old as time

Kendall and Rob met when they were just 17 years old, after catching each other's eye at college. Over the next 11 years, they were lucky enough to grow up together. "We've shared incredible experiences together," Rob says. "Tying the knot was definitely long overdue! She is my best friend and I'm so happy to have married her." When it came to proposing, Rob pulled out all the stops. "We were in New York just before Christmas," Kendall tells us. "It had been our dream holiday for years! He popped the question in Central Park – it was the most wonderful surprise. Afterwards we went for an amazing meal and watched the Saks Christmas light show. The whole experience was magical."

Our day our way

Charlotte and Dean knew each other through friends, but they never really had more than a passing (drunk) conversation! That is, until a mutual friend thought they might have potential. "One Saturday evening I got a message from Dean. He asked if I 'fancied a dance, like a tango or something'," Charlotte laughs. Funny messages turned into funny dates – and the rest is history!

The music of love

While working as teachers at the same school, Megan and Matt discovered that they shared a love of folk rock music. It turned out that Matt had a spare set of tickets for a festival in Lewes, where the pair's favourite band, Mumford & Sons, would be performing. "Little did we know that weekend would change our lives," Megan tells us. "It ended with me on Matt's shoulders as we sang I Will Wait at the top of our lungs!"

Autumn leaves with Gemma and Rowan

Gemma and Rowan met in 2007, but Rowan was at boarding school so they kept in contact via MySpace and MSN Messenger (that's a blast from the past!) before meeting up again at Reading Festival in 2008. "We spent the whole weekend drinking and watching bands together," Gemma remembers. "After that, we started dating."

Home is where the heart is for Alexandra and Piers

Alexandra and Piers' gorgeous marquee wedding was bursting with love and personal details. There's something so romantic about a couple who met at school, like Alexandra and Piers did. After being by each other's side for many years, Piers started thinking about popping the question. "We had a weekend away at The Norfolk Mead Hotel," Alexandra tells us. "After a lovely long lunch at a nearby pub, we watched England beat Ireland in the Six Nations Rugby. Piers was so excited that he got down on one knee when we were back at the hotel!"