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I can still remember buying my first record – KISS by KISS …. and from that point I was hooked …. Guitars, drums and Rock’n’Roll.

I also remember seeing Paul Stanley’s rose tattoo, basic by today’s standard but I still wanted one.

Fast forward through Motley Crue, Rose Tattoo, Hanoi Rocks, Iron Maiden, AC/DC …. music and tattoos went hand in hand. A fear of needles meant tattoos weren’t for me; it took me a while to think of going the clothing route….

In 2020, after the physical and mental frustration we all felt during lockdown, I took up the first sport to reopen, golf.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the bland apparel I was supposed to wear on the golf course; apparently band t-shirts weren’t the thing.

Following an off the cuff remark to my wife “I might have to actually make my own shirts” …… the idea was born.

We landed on a concept that I’m really proud of and enjoying wearing. Not exclusively golf in the end. More tattoo inspired, music inspired, golf inspired; authentic and individual clothing.

It’s early days but we have big ideas

We certainly wanted to be as sustainable as we could and have sought out the suppliers who are equally thoughtful and considered about sustainability.

Both music and golf in their different ways are good for the soul and beneficial to mental health, and this is the space we want to focus on as we grow, with our aim being to support projects with a focus on youth and mental health.

We are currently working with partners on two mental health/youth initiatives which we’re very excited about. Our designers are working on brilliant and unique graphics for Tees to support each cause and we will keep you posted, so watch this space…”

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