We talk 2020 wedding hair trends with Essex bridal hair stylist specialist Sally-Kate Duboux of Hair By Duboux

Sally-Kate Duboux styling a bride's hair for a wedding Essex bridal hair specialist Sally-Kate Duboux of Hair By Duboux talks us through her predictions for 2020 wedding hair trends... 

Hair trends regarding styles are going to be ranging from heavily textured up dos to the opposite undone no-nonsense bride where it's very minimal and natural looking. 2019 saw the introduction of real textured looks for bridal hair styles and this is going to continue into 2020. Expect to see bridal gracing the aisle in a gorgeous, glamourous high bun, full of texture and volume.

The un-done and more flowing look, which I expect to see more of in 2020, is in response to an overall movement consumers are making towards vegan and cruelty-free products, more emphasis being on natural, rawness, being free, connecting to nature. This look ties in with simplistic, no nonsense, a world-aware bride. There are more shampoos/conditioners and hair products available on the market now for both consumer and professional use that are cruelty-free, vegan, and recyclable. Speak to your bridal hair stylist about using such products if this is important to you.

Hair accessories I think we will see much more of the headdress/hair bands. But with both clear cut diamond inspired jewels and the rustic untouched precious stones.

Always scour magazines and Pinterest and save any images you like (even if it's just an element from a picture). Once you have pinned a few images, you may notice a theme throughout that is appealing to you. Also take into account the style of your chosen wedding dress. The style of the wedding dress and potential hair accessories such as a veil can help determine an up do, half-up-half-down or all-down style. Taking into account length, parting, hair colour, how you naturally wear your hair to work or for a special occasion. A bridal style wants to be a more refined version of you. Your partner is wanting to see you within the hairstyle.

Some brides follow all the trends. Some don't. I'd say as a person I slot somewhere in the middle and most of the brides I've styled are somewhere around there too. I take notes of trends and adapt such trends to fit my bridal clients. It makes for a less dated hairstyle looking back. A lot of brides don't want to look the same and especially in a group of friends you'll see variations of a style or some real polar opposites. Everybody wants to be an original.

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