Should you get married on Mother's Day?

mother of the bride helping the bride down the stairs Credit: Matthew Scott PhotographyChoosing your wedding date is one of the most important things when it comes to planning your wedding. We are very quickly moving from traditional etiquette into a society where we are far more flexible with these.
Award Winning UK Wedding Planner - Illy Goodall from Illy Elizabeth Weddings shares her insight into whether you should get married on Mother's Day...

There are certain days within the year that you should try to avoid getting married, however with the backlog of weddings this year we are using any given date possible. Whilst I don't think there is personally anything wrong with setting the date for Mother's Day, it can be inconvenient for some people who wish to spend this day with family.

Mothering Sunday always takes place on the fourth Sunday in the festival of lent, which will be three weeks exactly before our Easter Holiday here within the UK. However, it is slightly different for the US with their Mother's Day landing on the second Sunday of May each year. Each country will have its own traditions and will celebrate differently, so it is important to check this when choosing your wedding destination.

bride chatting to her mum while getting ready Credit: Matthew Scott PhotographyIf you want to use this date to honour the relationship you have with your Mother, then this could be a reason as to why you may like to choose this option. It is a great way to support what your Mother has done for you over the years, offering to focus the day on her as well as yourself shows a real dedication to her.

The weather always tends to be very good on Mother's Day, which is a reason why people may like to choose this date. As a result, you will find that more venues will naturally have more availability. With Sunday weddings these tend to be less popular in general having to take the Monday off work, these can have an effect on guest count with some not wanting to do this. You will also need to consider having your ceremony later on in the day, naturally guests will want to spend the morning with their mothers, grandmothers and even their children. By having the ceremony later on in the day, guest can still enjoy that time before coming along to your wedding day.

mother of the bride standing outside church with flowers Credit: Matthew Scott PhotographyPricing for suppliers may go up for Mother's Day Weddings, the simple reason being there is a high-demand for florals at this time of year, so naturally things will cost more due to this. You can speak with your florist in advanced about what the options may be, but you will need to source them as far in advance as possible to ensure that they have availability for you.

Celebrate Mother's Day before your wedding! Why not celebrate this special moment before your wedding day? It's becoming more common to not stick with traditions here within the UK, living busy lifestyles in the 21st century means we are all much more accommodating to these things. Whether you choose to incorporate your special day with your mother or not is completely down to you. The overall answer is yes, you can choose to get married on Mother's Day.

Photo Credit: Matthew Scott Photography
Wedding Planner: Illy Elizabeth Weddings
Venue: Greentrees Estate -
Flowers: Sidnye Flowers -

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