Luscious lips from Dr. Lipp

Luscious lips from Dr. Lipp: Image 1 Skincare brand, Dr. Lipp has launched a three moisturising lip tints made with only FOUR Natural Ingredients.

1. Medical grade lanolin
Arguably the world's best natural moisturizer. Infamous for its long lasting moisturising effect & bio compatibility. Made from Australian free roaming sheep's wool. Shorn in the summer months to keep them cool. The wool is first rinsed in China and is actually an incredible ingredient that is a by product of the textile industry. It is then cleansed from environmental pollutants to make an ultra pure medical grade standard Lanolin, so pure even the medical industry uses it. It's the rolls royce of lanolin.

2. Edible pant pigments: (Anthoycanins)
Anthocyanins is the technical name that we need to put on the packaging ingredient list. Each tint uses the pigment from one plant to capture the natural colour of that plant. In this range we have chosen Elderberry, Sweet Potato and Red radish pigments. The plants have been grown organically and are GMO free. We love China for not having any GMO!

3. Distrach phosphate
Is a natural pigment disperser which helps the pigments stay evenly dispersed throughout the balm. Ours is made from organically grown and GMO free Corn cultivated in China. 

4. Glyceryl caprilate
Is a natural preservative made from organically grown vegetable oils that are grown in Germany and these are also GMO free. Free from: Parabens, fragrances, sulphites, mineral oil, petrolatum, colouring agents, T.E.A, D.E.A and silicones.

Tried and Tested...

Sweet Potato – a beautiful natural pink - "With the imminent cold weather, it was a great time to test this lip tint and it did't disappoint. Upon application, it had a balm-like texture that instantly felt super-nourishing without any tacky residue. The colour was subtle - derived from GMO free edible plant-based pigments - perfect for the big-day! The ultimate test was my morning coffee and even after finishing off my cuppa I still could feel the product on my lips working its magic. Luscious lips, 100% natural, lovely colour - what's not to love!" - Danielle Harvey

Elderberry – a sexy burgundy - "I loved this balm, my lips looked fuller with the natural tint and the long-lasting moisturising effect kept my lips feeling super soft. I don't like wearing lipstick, especially in the day, so this is great for adding a subtle colour whilst treating them at the same time." - Kay Tilbury

Red Radish – a fresh coral - "I tried the Dr. Lipp Tint with red radish pigment. I must admit I was slightly put off by the idea of root vegetable-infused lip balm at first, but I actually love this product, and it has a subtle sweet smell - nothing like radishes! I don't like the usual sticky feeling you get with lip gloss, but this glides on really well and sinks into your lips leaving them feeling soft and moisturised. It's a natural pinky red colour, which can be layered up if you want a deeper shade. The 100% natural formula means it doesn't dry your lips out and last for ages." - Hannah Faulder

Priced £6.99 each at 

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