How to tell your love story with a personalised wedding poem from Essex writer Deborah Caine

Blank notepad on a stylish wooden table with glasses, flower, pencil and a coffee We talk bespoke wedding poems with Deborah Caine of Essex's Poem Bespoke...

Sometimes, traditional old-school poetry can seem a little outdated or hard to relate to. But with a personalised poem this is not the case, because after all, it's all about you! A bespoke poem telling your story to your gathered guests, can add an extra-special, unique touch to your wedding proceedings. Furthermore, a practical verse or two can softly, softly put into words your very specific wishes for your day, all without sounding bossy! Here's how it can be done...

1 Make your invites work for you!
There are several ways to do this. The back of an invite is sometimes under-utilised, so why not use this space to include a friendly little poem about your wedding's theme, dress-code, gift-code or money request? Alternatively, you could add a beautiful rhyme about you and your chosen one; such as how the proposal went down (we all want to know this!). A little bit of love to ignite the spark for your magical day-to-be.

2 Super-personalise your ceremony with a bespoke reading
Often we hear the same ceremony readings over and over. A one-off poem reading created just for you can be a lovely way to capture your story and express to the world what you really mean to each other. Your poem can be romantic (after all, it's your love story and who can top that?), include special little people, cherished fur-babies, challenges you've overcome or even your dreams for the future. If that's not going to get everyone feeling totes emosh, what will?!

3 Liven up those orders of service
While your guests are waiting for the service to start, consider giving them something to read, as well as an extra keepsake. Using a pretty font, you could publish your very own love story, thank those who've helped bring your day together or even honour and include a much-missed family member on this, your most important day.

4 Add interest to your tables and décor
Give your guests a little ice-breaker by incorporating a personalised poem into each of your tables' décor or favours. To get Auntie May chatting to your old college pal, your printed table poems could give a shout out to guests, making them feel super-valued or come in the form of a wedding-themed riddle sheet to help get the party started.

5 Use a poem in the speeches!
Not everybody enjoys public speaking. If like me, the thought of speaking in public is a nightmarish prospect for either yourself or any of your VIPs preparing to speak – a poem here may well be the way forward! Personalised and well-crafted, a poem speech offers a structured means of saying your special piece and/or adding a dash of humour, without the longevity! You won't feel like you're competing with the longer speeches, because you will be offering up something profoundly different to the occasion. What's more, a couple of minutes and your work is done!

Deborah is an Essex-based writer and boy-mum, with a penchant for cheese, wine and spooky tales. She also writes personalised poems for weddings, services, parties and gifts. 

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