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Baddow Park House
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Essex wedding venue Baddow Park House welcomes guests back safely

Wedded couple embrace outside Baddow Park House Private-hire wedding venue Baddow Park House located in Essex has been working hard behind-the-scenes to welcome wedding guests safely.

Amid COVID-19, wedding suppliers and wedding business owners have been working tirelessly to ensure their future wedding couples are safe and feel at ease – Baddow Park House is a prime example, as they have been putting the safety of their staff and wedding couples at the forefront of their whole business.

We caught up with James Martin, the owner of Baddow Park House (www.baddowpark.co.uk), to find out a little more about one of the most important steps this beautiful private-hire country house-wedding venue has taken since the pandemic broke.

"Baddow Park House has invested in a service which treats all surfaces and spaces that any of our guests and staff will come into contract with, which may carry the virus for up to 30 days," James says. "This service is offered by a company local to ours called Emergent Hygiene and we are proud to be the first wedding venue that has applied this product to their wedding venue".

Rosie and Oli from Emergent Hygiene (www.emergenthygiene.co.uk) give us some more information about this service.

"Emergent Hygiene is an electrostatic fogging protection service, which treats surfaces in spaces that may have or will come into contact with Coronavirus (or other pathogens) for up to 30 days. We use Zoono's unique and exclusive protection compound to keep surfaces and touch points hygienically protected which ensures that all viruses and bacteria that come into contact with any surface will be terminated immediately. Zoono's antimicrobial coating also has other everyday benefits. It is colourless, odourless, non-leaching, environmentally safe, non-corrosive and completely gentle to humans & animals, as well as being deadly on a wide range of viruses, bacteria, mould & germs. It is water based (no alcohol or dangerous chemicals) and is less toxic than coffee and can be used around foodstuffs & preparation. Moreover, it compliments your existing hygiene measures and won't wash off during your routine cleaning procedures."

Rosie and Oli continue, "Baddow Park House is the first wedding venue that we have been in contact with and applied our product to. As a result, their premises have been professionally protected from coronavirus and other pathogens for the foreseeable future, thus maintaining the safety of customers and staff for as long as our services are required. Wedding venues, as well as many other events venues are ideal areas for Emergent Hygiene to as there are numerous guests who may, if our services were not used, have the danger of coming into contact with a virus. Baddow Park, however, will not have to run this risk as it is hygienically protected with our product."

"Safety, security and peace of mind is of paramount important to us here at Baddow Park House," comments James Martin. "We want our guests to arrive with us on a Friday, check in to the house, and feel like the house and the gardens are theirs for the entire wedding weekend. No one wants to be worrying about COVID-19 during a special time such as this, so we have taken these important steps to alleviate any worry and put the safety of our guests at the heart of our business".

Visit www.baddowpark.co.uk

Image courtesy of www.sophieoldhamsteadphotography.co.uk

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