Moonpig reveals weddings cards are the hardest to write

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Greeting cards have been a popular way to express celebrations and affection for our loved ones. We’re used to purchasing cards for milestones from birthdays, weddings, new jobs and more, but how often do we struggle with what to write in a card?

With the recent growth in popularity of AI models like ChatGPT, Moonpig has launched its “Smart Text” tool, a feature which uses generative AI as a writing assistant for customers who need help in those moments where they don’t know what to put in a card to their loved ones.

Using insight from search data leading online greeting card experts, Moonpig, has conducted new research to reveal the occasions people struggle the most to write cards for and how the new “Smart Text” feature can help you write a card for any occasion.

Moonpig has analysed Google search volume data for terms such as ‘what to write in a birthday card’ or ‘how to write a wedding card’ to uncover the most-searched-for occasions when writing greeting cards.


Total average monthly Google search volume











Thank You   




Valentine's Day  






Marriage is one of life's most significant life milestones, which can make writing wedding cards seem daunting, as many may feel their message needs to reflect such a monumental occasion. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Google searches for what to include when writing a wedding card boasted 51,550 Google searches a month.

Of that figure, surprisingly, the research found ‘What to write in a wedding card to a best friend’ was the most searched-for recipient within this category revealing on average 4,400 monthly Google searches. Why? Well it seems that when writing a wedding card to your best friend there’s the additional pressure of wanting to avoid generic well-wishes and offer a more personal and memorable message that’s a reflection of our close relationship with them.

Sarah-Jane Porter, Moonpig's Global Design & Licensing Director adds: "A good way to prompt AI for wedding cards would be to include the names of the bride and groom and reminisce on your relationship with the couple to add a personal touch. Also, consider the tone you would like the card to have, something which often depends on your relationship with the person getting married. For example, you may want a card for your colleague to have a more formal tone compared to a relaxed and lighthearted tone for a close friend.

"We know how much our customers value creating meaningful and customisable cards when sending them to their loved ones. The Smart Text tool has been created to extend our personalisation offering further by helping craft both personalised and meaningful wishes for your loved one for any special occasion."

Wedding prompt examples:

  • Write me a funny message for my best friend David and his wife-to-be Lucy who are getting married. Include an anecdote about when David forgot the tent when we went on a camping trip.
  • Compose a formal message for my colleague Steve, who is getting married to Sandra in Italy.
  • Write a loving message to my wife-to-be named Kelly who I am getting married to. Our surname will be Parker."

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text prompt for birthday card

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