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Loved by the editor at An Essex Wedding magazine Credit: RT Cakes

Ever wondered (like I did when I first started in the wedding industry) why we serve cake on our big day? We asked Rebecca Peterkin from Blackmore’s RT Cakes on how the trend for serving cake at your big day came about in the first place…

“Wedding cakes are believed to have originated from ancient Rome, when the ceremony was concluded by the breaking of a wheat or barley cake over the bride’s head. The couple would then eat some crumbs as their first unified act together as a symbol of luck and fertility. However, the earliest reference to ‘cake’ at a wedding is during the 16th century, following the development of royal icing and sugar paste.

“The idea of tiered cakes may have started in medieval England, where sweeter treats such as scones, iced buns and cookies were stacked as high as possible, and it was believed the bride and groom would have greater luck and fortune if they could kiss over the top of this tower of treats without it collapsing! During the 16th century, the bride’s friends would traditionally bring a sweet bun to the wedding, the number of which reflected her popularity, therefore also contributing to the trend of wanting taller wedding cakes.

“As refined sugar became more available in England, it was of course a popular choice of ingredient for wedding cakes. The whiteness represented the bride’s virginity and purity, with larger, whiter cakes also symbolising a show of wealth. During the time when it was expected a couple would start a family within the first year of marriage, it was also considered good luck and prosperity for them to save the top tier of their wedding cake for the christening of their first born.”

Loved by the editor at An Essex Wedding magazine

Wand to get your brows in tip-top shape for your big day? We asked top Essex beautician Emma Gatt from Braintree's The Treatment Rooms for her expert advice:

"I advise brides to consider henna, a form of eyebrow tinting that's used to stain the skin beneath the actual brow hairs. Creating an illusion of depth and fullness, while visually filling in any sparseness, it contains less chemicals so is a great option for sensitive skin. Lasting for six to eight weeks – almost twice as long as a regular tint – it can even encourage hair to grow back fuller in all the right places!

"However, in order for henna to last you have to look after your brows post-treatment, while also bearing in mind that the oilier your skin, the less likely the stain will last. It also won't take as well if you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis. I always advise my clients have a patch test first, and we can then discuss all the options available to them."

Loved by the editor at An Essex Wedding magazine Credit: Starr Photos

WOW! As soon I saw the photos of Braintree Town Hall's new look I knew it had to be shared with you! Inside our latest May/June issue you'll discover an exclusive shoot photographed at the Hall, who got to work with a host of talented Essex suppliers to create some stunning looks. This shot alone speaks for itself!

Be sure to head to www.braintreetownhall.co.uk yourself to find out how you can say 'I do' there...

Loved by the editor at An Essex Wedding magazine

If you're one of the many couples who now choose to live and buy a home together before they get married, then you'll understand that a wedding gift list isn't necessarily the right way to go - why ask for items you've already bought when moving in?

With this in mind why not instead suggest a donation towards those much-needed home improvements you've been putting off investing in? Chelmsford-based Absolute Wardrobes design and install affordable, bespoke, made-to-measure fitted wardrobes, dressing rooms, home offices and entertainment units across the county and beyond. Priding themselves on the finest furniture craftsmanship and with an extensive background in carpentry and joinery, the team designs, plans and installs fitted furniture to complement your individual tastes and needs.

Head to www.absolutewardrobes.co.uk to find out more.

Eye-heart-emoji! I love this cute picture of Harriet and Ryan on their wedding day captured by Jason Little of Jason Little Weddings. This snap was featured in his indepth Q&A in the March/April issue of An Essex Wedding.

There are many questions that could and should be asked or at least, to make yourself aware of when it comes to choosing your big-day photographer. Some of these could really help make your choice a lot clearer and some are purely academic and will likely never be an issue but knowledge is always a powerful ally.

To read this super-helpful guide, check out the latest issue on An Essex Wedding for free now!

Now, this might come as a surprise but I have never seen Bridgerton - shock, horror, gasps - so while I start episode one right now, you can spend your time swooning over this Bridgerton-inspired styled shoot.

It's oh so gorgeous, and is the result of the ultimate Essex dream team of wedding suppliers. See the shoot in full, in the Mar/Apr issue of An Essex Wedding which is available to read for free now!

One look at the wedding of Lucy and Ricky and you will be convinced to hold an Autumn-themed wedding.

From pumpkins to antlers, leaves to fir cones this wedding had it all and provides the ultimate wedding inspiration for seasonal nuptials - with a gorgeous love story to boot!

Read all about Lucy and Ricky's wedding day at Leez Priory in the Mar/April issue of An Essex Wedding which is available to read now for free!

When scouring through hundreds of wedding photos there are always a few I'm drawn to the most: the father seeing the bride for the first time, a kiss on the forehead, and the groom/partner waiting at the end of the aisle.

Lucy and Adam met at a New Year's Eve party of a joint friend, “I was eating a stolen pot of Pringles and Adam asked if the seat next to me was taken and the rest is history!” recalls Lucy. “It definitely wasn't his thick silver chain or his fresh shaven hair that attracted me to him, it was the way he made me laugh constantly and that he was so caring and thoughtful. Adam would say I'm funny, I always have him in stitches (I'd also say I'm very funny!). He also loves my eyes, so maybe that too!”

Fast-forward to the day of the proposal, 19th of October, the day before Lucy's birthday at The Ned in London. “We were in the room getting ready to go down for dinner and all of a sudden I turned round and Adam is on one knee, but shouts 'no I'm not ready!' so I have to look away again! At this point he's dropped the ring and panicked! I thought to myself 'only Adam'. We was both very emotional, it was so special. The next day we came home to my parents' house to a surprise party with our closest family – it was so lovely!”

The big day was set 29th October 2021, with Braxted Park in Witham, Essex providing the ultimate backdrop. 

Find out more about Lucy and Adam's wedding day in the Mar/Apr issue of An Essex Wedding which is available now to read for free!

Loved by the editor at An Essex Wedding magazine Credit: Jasmine Jade

I adore black and white photography, and some images just look so stunning when in this tone.

This gorgeous image of Rea was taken on her wedding day which was featured in the Mar/Apr issue of An Essex Wedding.

Rea and Tommy met very early on in their childhoods while on holiday in Kent where both of their families had chalets. Thanks to the beauty of social media, the pair reunited many years later when Tommy found Rea on Twitter. Sharing similar interests, life goals and, of course, both keen on each others looks and personalities, they hit it off once again!

Fast-forward to Christmas Day morning in 2018, Tommy had planned a surprise proposal. “We sat to open our presents and I opened a box which had a penguin from John Lewis inside,” recalls Rea. “Tommy had told me before that penguins were monogamous, meaning that once they find their match they are together forever! As I looked down, Tommy was on one knee and asked me to marry him. My eyes filled with happy tears, and I couldn't get my words out but I nodded, and managed to say yes! Tommy had even asked for my dad's approval Christmas Eve!”

The big date was set, 7th August 2021, with Essex venue That Amazing Place providing the ultimate backdrop.

You can find out more about Rea and Tommy's wedding day in the Mar/Apr issue of An Essex Wedding which you can read for free now!

Loved by the editor at An Essex Wedding magazine

Here at An Essex Wedding, were excited for all the upcoming Spring and Summer weddings and what better venue than Baddow Park House to showcase this pretty time of year.

The Baddow Park House gardens are an integral part of the venue and have been designed to provide couples the opportunity to really go to town on any al fresco elements of their wedding. Wedding parties simply flow from The Orangery and step out onto the natural stone terrace, where you start to realise the potential that these gorgeous open spaces offer for a truly unique wedding event. The versatility of spaces means the venue can accommodate any size wedding, with sumptuous textures, hidden spaces and stylish décor discovered throughout.

BADDOW PARK HOUSE | 01245 473 969 | www.baddowparkhouse.co.uk

Read more about local Essex venues with Glorious Gardens in the Mar/Apr issue of An Essex Wedding which is available now to read for free!

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