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Sweep stake

Sweep stake

Q. My mum is going on about us getting a chimney sweep to attend our wedding as she's adamant it's tradition. What's she going on about?

A. Dave Coxell says: The tradition of the lucky chimney sweep goes back to the 18th century – King George III was riding through London in a parade, when his horse bolted. A London chimney sweep grabbed the reins and saved the King, who deemed that all chimney sweeps would be considered lucky from then on. The tradition remains that shaking hands with a sweep or receiving a kiss on the cheek, especially on a wedding day, will bring luck and love to the married couple. The Queen even had a lucky chimney sweep at her wedding to Prince Phillip in 1947! At Ashes & Smoke Chimney Sweeping, we love carrying on this fabulous tradition and are lucky enough to get invited to appear at many weddings in Essex. We mingle with guests, pose for photos and gift the happy couple a Lucky Sweep's Charm and certificate of luck.

Dave Coxell, Ashes & Smoke Chimney Sweeping