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Sweet spots

Sweet spots

Q. We want a real showstopper of a cake. What are the latest trends we can incorporate to get the wow factor?

A. Rebecca Peterkin says: Rather than simply being a customary part of the day, the cake is fast becoming the main focal point of weddings. Your cake display can make a real impression by taking these simple steps into consideration.

- Extra height is an easy way to create wow factor, but instead of having more tiers, consider increasing the height of the tiers themselves. Alternatively, you could have different-sized tiers or dummy tiers. Use a tall cake stand to create even more impact.

- The popularity of incorporating different textures has increased massively. Try edible lace, glitter or bas-relief to add interest to the design. You could also use soft silk ribbons as an alternative to the traditional satin, and fresh flowers instead of sugar versions. The possibilities are endless and can be adapted to any theme.

- Don't underestimate the power of props. Hoops and backdrops are ideal to frame your bake, and can be decorated with flowers or fairylights to complement your day. Another favourite of mine is candlelight. If your venue allows it, a few flickering candles can create an amazingly romantic ambience.

Remember, it's so important to meet your designer beforehand to discuss all your options – and don't be afraid to be daring!

Rebecca Peterkin


Colour pop!

Colour pop!

Q. We’re having a bright and colourful wedding. In what ways can we incorporate this into our cake design?

A. Gordon Harwood says: The options to add different colours into your bake are vast. How about making each tier a different flavour and hue? Or to make a real splash, choose a rainbow effect to really make your loved ones smile!

Consider what you’ve chosen for your day. Perhaps you could find a colour from your flowers, table settings or bridesmaids’ dresses to pick up in the icing to coordinate all elements. Do you have a theme? Whether it’s an outdoorsy wedding or you’re having a Marvel Comics motif, ask your cake maker to incorporate this into the design for a real showstopper.

You could opt for a reveal cake.This is a style that keeps on giving as from the front it’s a grown-up, stylish design to tie in with the setting, while the other side is a more whacky style – it’s perfect for giving the wow factor!

Gordon Harwood


Tiers of joy

Tiers of joy

Q. We've started looking at wedding cakes, but we're totally baffled by some of the terms involved. Help!?

A. Lis and Katie says: Naked, semi-naked, buttercream, fondant, drip, cascade and stacked. Baking terminology can be tricky to navigate especially when it comes to your big-day bake.

Our best advice would be to put together a moodboard and include some sweet treats which take your fancy.

The next part is the best – eat some cake! Do you prefer the taste and look of buttercream, frosting or fondant icing? This will help you narrow down suppliers.

Book a consultation with a professional who will be able to talk you through the process.

Lis and Katie