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A bit cheesy

A bit cheesy

Q. We really want a cheese wedding cake for our big day, but as it's going to be held in August we're worried about it collapsing due to the heat. Can we still have one?

A. Amanda Watson says: This is a really common question, but the answer is simple: as long as the cheese is kept out of direct sunlight or heat, it can be brought out up to an hour before serving and it'll be the perfect temperature. It's fair to say that hard cheeses will always handle a warm day better than a soft cheese, but there's no reason not to include your favourite bloomy brie or creamy blue in your dream wedding cheese cake.

As with traditional cake makers, there are also a few tips and tricks which can be used to ensure the structural integrity of your cake, such as bases and cake dowls, hidden from view but that keep your cake looking beautiful for your guests!

Once you've cut into your cake, you can move the layers onto their own platter, so that guests can tuck into each cheese, keeping your display looking gorgeous.

Amanda Watson, Beau Fromage


Have your cake?

Have your cake?

Q. My fiancé and I aren't really 'cake' people. However, we want to still cut something sweet for our guests to enjoy. What can we do?

A. Amy Claridge says: There are plenty of options that don't involve a traditional wedding cake. For a start, why not consider cupcakes – or a dream cake made of actual cheese? However, my advice is to have a cake made of cookies! A really popular choice right now, these make a fab alternative to a traditional sponge cake. The beauty of a cookie cake is that they can be stacked to look like a wedding cake – but are make from gooey cookie dough. You could pick from a variety of flavours like the ever popular Lotus Biscoff, Oreo or traditional milk chocolate chip. Cookie cakes can also be decorated beautifully, with buttercream and coloured to match the theme of the wedding.

Amy Claridge, Rosebery Bakes


Have your cake

Have your cake

Q. My partner and I are looking for a cake maker for our wedding – but don't know what to do to ensure we make the right choice. Are there any questions to consider?

A. Mary Houlihan says: Once you've found a few cake makers that interest you, be sure to view their social media platforms and read their reviews. Why? Positive reviews will comment on the look and taste of their bakes, as well as the good customer experience their clients have received. Then there's their hygiene rating to check, which should give you confidence that you're buying from a professional who works to their council's standards. And don't forget to find out whether they have public liability insurance, which protects their own business as well as showing they've set themselves up as a reputable company. Meeting with your potential cake maker also gives you the opportunity to ask a whole host of questions, from how long they've been trading to whether they've previously made a cake in the style you like. Generally speaking, if you see that a cake maker is passionate about their bakes, it's a strong sign that they will put their heart into make you a beautiful wedding cake!

Mary Houlihan, Mary Bakes Yummy Cakes




Q. Following the last 18 months, how has the wedding industry changed? Our local suppliers, experts in their field, give us the lowdown...

A. Stephanie Hawes says: I think the pandemic has changed people's views on wedding receptions in general; everyone really wants that good party-vibe with plenty of entertainment, food and fun for their guests!

It's been so long for everyone to be able to truly enjoy themselves that now, what better excuse to really go for it, than a wedding?!

Couples should consider catering options that offer the food, fun and entertainment factor like we do here at Dessert Club Essex. Our live cooking stations offer crêpes, doughnuts and waffles – your guests are well-fed and entertained at the same time!

What better way to please you guests than through their stomachs? And with that in mind, I expect to see more weddings have showstopping cakes, dessert tables and cooking stations with the wow factor, giving guests plenty of indulgent catering options.

Stephanie Hawes, Dessert Club Essex