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Rain on my parade

Rain on my parade

Q. We want an outside wedding, but are worried about the unpredictable weather. How can we ensure our guests enjoy the day without getting soaked?

A. Georgina Bennett says: No matter where you get married, the weather is the one thing you can't control. Instead of thinking about the 'what ifs', it's best to go into your day with the intention of enjoying every moment. It's such a special day for you and those closest to you that you should never let anything 'cloud your day'.

At Parklands we work closely with our couples in the planning process, and this covers contingencies, too. Often, we wait until the last moment to help you decide if you want to 'chance it' or move to Plan B. Our beautiful Pavilion has glass doors that open onto our gardens, bringing the outdoors in, and our Tabor Room offers spectacular views out to the Deer Park. Plus, if a little drizzle doesn't scare you, we've had some of the most beautiful couple shoots in the rain, with any good photographer prepared for a summer shower.

Georgina Bennett, Parklands at Quendon Hall


Dream theme

Dream theme

Q. There are so many different wedding styles out there – how do we narrow it down and find what's right for us?

A. Michelle Broom says: The first rule of thumb is to find your venue. This is always a good first step towards choosing the feel of your day as well as your palette. For example, if your reception room has a prominent colour, you'll need to work with it rather than against it.

Tones for yourself and the bridal party are next. Once you have chosen your outfit and your bridesmaids' dresses, you will find that these will guide you into a colour theme. From there, the flowers and decor will fall into place. These simple steps will lead you to a perfectly styled day.

Michelle Broom, Occasions & Celebrations