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Let It Flow

Let It Flow

Q I absolutely love the look of a champagne tower. How can I coordinate this on the day without it being a total disaster?
A Lorna Perrin says: My top tips to the question about how to coordinate a champagne pour on a wedding day are:

Selecting correct glassware: Use coupe glasses, they're wide and shallow; ideal for creating a stable and visually appealing tower. Ensure glasses are clean and free of any chips.

Use chilled glasses: Chill the glasses in advance so the champagne stays cold once poured.

Practice: Have a practice run before the big day to determine the number of glasses needed. This will help avoid any mishaps during the actual event.

The base: The stability of the tower is essential to prevent any accidents. If you're having a tipi/marquee wedding where flooring is provided by a hire company, ensure it's entirely flat before building. If unsteady, have a wedding coordinator build the tower elsewhere or right before the pour.

Technique: All the best champagne towers are square in style; if you do this correctly, four glasses touching will create a diamond shape in the middle - key to creating a sturdy foundation.

The pour: Slowly pour from the top; tilting the bottle to prevent excessive foam and spillage.

Team effort: Consider having multiple people pour simultaneously to speed up the process; maintaining the stability.

Capture the moment: Have a photographer or videographer ready to capture the magical moment

Lorna Perrin, Lorna Marie Events

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