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A trip of a lifetime

A trip of a lifetime

Q. My wife-to-be and I are looking for a wow-factor honeymoon destination with lots of fun activities. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Jenny Kent says: My wow-factor honeymoon suggestion would be Zanzibar for a two-part honeymoon, filled with action, culture, adventure and pure unadulterated relaxation! Set off the eastern coast of Africa and made up of 40 islands, it offers the perfect mix!

You could start with a safari in the Serengeti or take a trek up Kilimanjaro. Zanzibar is nicknamed 'Spice Island', famous for its vanilla, nutmeg, clove and cardamom plantations. Why not take a tour around one and learn how they are produced? Soak up Swahili culture and wander around Stone Town, the capital of the Zanzibar archipelago.

Safari Blue is an incredible boat trip experience, where guests can swim with dolphins, snorkel around the coral reefs and a fresh seafood buffet consisting of lobster, fish and calamari. The trips don't end there, later take a canoe ride out to explore the mangroves, see ancient baobab trees and soak up the Zanzibar sunsets.

There are an abundance of fun activities to do including cycling the circumference of an island if you're feeling energetic such as kitesurfing, yoga retreats and full moon parties.

Zanzibar is home to some world class beaches, incredible sunsets, crystal calm waters and pure white sandy beaches. The perfect mix of adventure and relaxation all rolled into one!

Jenny Kent, Jen’s Travel Boutique


Case Closed

Case Closed

Q. I don't want to take a case crammed with clothes I won't end up wearing on my honeymoon. We're staying in the Caribbean during its hot and dry season – are there any dos and don'ts I should consider?

A. Katie Porter says: As the weather is going to be hot and dry try to focus on breathable, cool, cotton or linen clothing. Maxi dresses are a great choice for day or night as it's a 'one stop shop' outfit without having to worry about matching separate items. Try to stay away from dark colours or articles of clothing that are too fitted or tight – comfort is key, plus if you feel good you'll look good! Various camisoles in a neutral palette will be your wardrobe hero, which you can mix and match by dressing up with brightly coloured maxi skirts or dressing down with shorts. Whatever you choose, these still denote a glamorous edge for day or night. Keeping it simple, comfortable, elegant and stylish is the way to go on your honeymoon, and by using these suggestions you won't waste suitcase space and will still look a million dollars!

Katie Porter, Styled by Katie




Q. Following the last 18 months, how has the wedding industry changed? Our local suppliers, experts in their field, give us the lowdown...

A. Stefania Cerro says: Normally from about April/May time we would be making many bookings for honeymoons for the following year, but this year it has only just started picking up now.

The Greek Islands have been very popular at the moment, when usually it would be more long-haul destinations. Customers are asking for the quieter islands rather than the popular ones, which must mean they are wanting more peaceful secluded holidays.

I've also noticed the pandemic has heightened environmental awareness as we've seen a rise in eco-conscious customers asking how sustainable the hotels are, whereas pre-pandemic very few would ask these questions.

Hopefully, it will be back where it was pre-pandemic soon as weddings are now going ahead and people are getting more confident in booking holidays again. We have started to see countries such as the Maldives, St Lucia, Antigua and Thailand pick up once more which is very good news.

Stefania Cerro, Stefania Cerro - Travel Counsellor