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Here is a selection of Q&As from An Essex Wedding magazine whether it be about flowers, hair and makeup, fashion, wedding themes, health & beauty, cakes, stationery, legal advice. If you would like your question answered by our experts, please email it to editor@anessex.wedding


Capturing memories

Capturing memories

Q. We haven't budgeted for a videographer, but my friend has recommended that we book one. Is it worth moving things around in the budget?

A. David Maulkerson says: You can't put a price on memories. Consider if there are elements of the day that may not be necessary, or won't be used for very long. Ultimately, your wedding is about you and your partner beginning the next stage of your lives together – your guests will simply be happy to share your day – so focus on what makes it special for you.

One day you may regret not having something to show the next generation when they're older. Lots of couples feel that photos will give them enough to remember the day by, but personally I think videos convey much more emotion. A really good videographer will make me teary over a total stranger's wedding!

There are different styles of videography at a range of prices, so it's possible to get something to suit your budget. A basic documentary of your day could be as little as £500, extending up to £1,000 for luxury cinematography – much like a good photographer. We offer high-end cinematic highlight films for competitive prices, and we're with you all day so not a moment is missed.

David Maulkerson,Maulkerson Ceramics


Capture this

Capture this

Q. I really want to capture our big day on video but my husband is convinced that there's no need to hire anyone as his uncle has a camcorder. What would you advise I do?

A. Andy Coultrup says: Your wedding is a day that deserves to be remembered in fine detail – just think of all the effort you, your partner and your families have put into making sure it's absolutely perfect.

There's a lot to take into consideration – the venue, decorations, flowers, bridal party attire, the dress, hair and make-up, and the groom. I'm sure you'll agree it's a lot to remember to the untrained wedding mind.

In this day and age everybody is able to make videos, either with their smart phones or small cameras, so it's very easy to believe a friend or relative can film the best day of your life. However, this would be a mistake for a number of reasons:

- One camera with limited battery life A videographer will have a minimum of three devices on the day, with multiple batteries to ensure no moment is missed. Filming with multiple cameras provides better coverage, more editing options and most importantly a back-up should anything unexpected happen.

- Poor sound A professional will carry expensive pro audio equipment, again having multiple options and back-ups. Sound is possibly the most important part of any wedding film as well as the most difficult part to get right – don't let an uncle's bad cough or the cry of a young guest spoil your magical memory.

- Editing Video edit software is not cheap, and the time and training that goes into understanding the full power of it can take years to master. By hiring a videographer, you're not only paying for the safe filming on your day but also the creative art and skill they have trained for.

- A wedding videographer may not be as costly as you think. If you didn't add a videographer to your wedding budget list because you thought it might cost a lot, then be sure to re-consider your options. Shop around, contact videographers to find out what you can get for your money and be sure to compare prices depending on how long you'd like them to stay during the wedding – you may find yourselves pleasantly surprised.

Andy Coultrup