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FAQs and expert advice about venue styling

Here is a selection of Q&As from An Essex Wedding magazine whether it be about flowers, hair and makeup, fashion, wedding themes, health & beauty, cakes, stationery, legal advice. If you would like your question answered by our experts, please email it to editor@anessex.wedding


Perfect palettes

Perfect palettes

Q. We want a colourful wedding theme, but we want it to remain elegant. How do we achieve this?

A. Kelly Caira says: The key to choosing a vibrant scheme where the colours blend harmoniously is to choose from the same palette. When put together well, bright colours can look just as elegant as subtle shades.

Colours either have cool or warm hues, and your first choice is whether to go for a cool or warm palette. You may naturally have a preference, and if you've had your colours analysed, then you'll certainly know which way to go. Start by thinking about the overall look and feel you want to convey. Colours have a big impact on our emotions and you can choose to create the mood you want by carefully selecting your theme.

Bright pinks and reds are dramatic and fun; you can also create a sense of playfulness with them. This can be done in subtle ways, for example, with the groom's tie, bridesmaids' shoes or the bouquet. A connecting colour used thoughtfully in this way would look stunning.

Some colours are instantly uplifting, such as warm yellow and orange. In the height of summer you can create a holiday feel with these tones. Choose a gown in oyster or cream and dress the men in light dove-grey suits to set these colours off beautifully. Cool blues are associated with tranquility and calm, match with grey and silver shades, and add magenta for a vivid colour pop.

Colours that ostensibly clash can be very striking together. Violet with orange for a warm palette or lagoon blue with primrose for a cool palette are bright but elegant combinations. Try using vibrant pops of colour throughout for a sophisticated and memorable theme.

Kelly Caira, House of Colour


All about us

All about us

Q. We're overwhelmed by the amount of wedding styles and themes. How do we narrow down the choices and find something to reflect us?

A. Hollie Kneller says: A great place to start is by discussing what you both want from the day and what's most important to you. Incorporating personal touches will help to make the day feel unique, whether it's a colour, a favourite flower or your love for travelling or music. These are all things you can reflect in the styling to give your day personality. You can even get hands-on and create DIY props or signage to make the day feel more personal.

Pinterest, blogs and magazines are a great way to source inspiration, and social media is a fab place to discuss ideas with like-minded people – you'll be amazed at the brilliant ideas you can find. We ask our couples to create a must-have list. We can look at this, the budget and venue to make decisions on what will and won't work. A mood board is then created to tie all the ideas together. It's key to remember that the day is about you and it should reflect that. You don't have to stick to traditions – be as bold as you want!

Hollie Kneller, Love Rocks


A very big house in the country

A very big house in the country

Q. We're getting married in a beautiful country house venue. How do we reflect the luxurious setting in our venue styling?

A. Tia Demir says: When planning your styling, choose opulent centrepieces that complement the setting. For example, glass-cut candelabra brimming with florals would work beautifully. I also love candles for creating a romantic and cosy atmosphere. Imagine walking into a room full of flickering candles giving a warm glow for understated wow factor. This look is very easy to achieve by opting for centrepieces that hold candles and also adding some low ones around the base.

Tiered layers is a must to get this look right. Dress your tables with delicate lace overlays or sequin tablecloths for a touch of glam, and make sure they're large enough to cover the whole table down to the floor. Pay attention to the finishing touches for a flawless outcome.

Complete the styling with a beautiful backdrop behind the top table. Sheer draped chiffon with fairylights or just pulled together with foliage will look elegant without overpowering photos of the newlyweds. The best tip is to simply follow the vibe of the venue to create harmony and achieve a timeless look.

Tia Demir, Mediterranean Occasions Venue Stylists


Getting personal

Getting personal

Q. We're planning a smaller and more personal celebration than we originally had in mind. How can we reflect ourselves as a couple in our styling?

A. Emma Fews says: By choosing a more intimate wedding with your closest loved ones, you can focus on creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. Remember, just because the guest list is small, it doesn't mean everything else needs to be! Firstly, go back to basics and prioritise what's most important to you. Fewer guests will allow more budget to spend on these priorities – whether that's transforming your space with the décor of your dreams or having a fairytale designer dress – do what's right for you.

You'll want to adapt your wedding space to make it feel more intimate and snug. Add plenty of lanterns and warm candlelight to get that romantic feel. Add a few tall, statement centrepieces to fill the room with height and width. You could opt for a sweetheart top table to be the focal point of the room and add a beautiful backdrop to frame it.

A smaller wedding really gives you the opportunity to focus on all of the little touches for your family and friends. Use personalised place settings that your guests can take home and choose table names with special meanings to you as a couple.

Emma Fews, Elf Occasions Venue Styling