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Centre of attention

Centre of attention

Q. I want showstopping centrepieces! What can I do that hasn't been seen before?

A. Emma Fews says: For the real wow factor when you walk in the room, go big on florals and mass foliage for a wild and natural look. Hiring silk flower centrepieces can be more cost effective than fresh allowing you to go bigger for a smaller price. Choosing a good supplier that uses good quality silk flowers is a must, and your guests need never know that they're not real! Ensure your display is on a transparent vase or a stand that doesn't block the view when your guests are seated. Geometric stands are perfect as you can see right through them when sat at the table and they give a lovely height for that all important gorgeous silk flower display! Little details are also important – choose some candles at the base or hanging candles for that extra romantic touch.

Mix and match! If you have over 10 tables, consider pairing with matching low centrepieces to give a mix of heights and interest in the room. And finally, don't forget to consider your top table. Choose a luxury arrangement that complements your centrepieces, this could be an arrangement at the centre of your table, or a full-length floral runner for that added pizzazz!

Emma Fews, Elf Occasions


Perfect palettes

Perfect palettes

Q. We want a colourful wedding theme, but we want it to remain elegant. How do we achieve this?

A. Kelly Caira says: The key to choosing a vibrant scheme where the colours blend harmoniously is to choose from the same palette. When put together well, bright colours can look just as elegant as subtle shades.

Colours either have cool or warm hues, and your first choice is whether to go for a cool or warm palette. You may naturally have a preference, and if you've had your colours analysed, then you'll certainly know which way to go. Start by thinking about the overall look and feel you want to convey. Colours have a big impact on our emotions and you can choose to create the mood you want by carefully selecting your theme.

Bright pinks and reds are dramatic and fun; you can also create a sense of playfulness with them. This can be done in subtle ways, for example, with the groom's tie, bridesmaids' shoes or the bouquet. A connecting colour used thoughtfully in this way would look stunning.

Some colours are instantly uplifting, such as warm yellow and orange. In the height of summer you can create a holiday feel with these tones. Choose a gown in oyster or cream and dress the men in light dove-grey suits to set these colours off beautifully. Cool blues are associated with tranquility and calm, match with grey and silver shades, and add magenta for a vivid colour pop.

Colours that ostensibly clash can be very striking together. Violet with orange for a warm palette or lagoon blue with primrose for a cool palette are bright but elegant combinations. Try using vibrant pops of colour throughout for a sophisticated and memorable theme.

Kelly Caira, House of Colour